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CNC Ice Screw Sharpening

Unlike conventional sharpening CNC milling reprofiles the head of the screw returning it to its original shape and sharpness. All makes and models of screws can be sharpened. With Ultralight screws there needs to be enough steel left to create the original profile. 

£10 per screw (contact for bulk order discount, 10+)

Oliver Skeoch Says:

Do you, too
Have a blunt screw
Well it’s time to say “phew”
—I’ve got news for you
Mr Balharry
North of Invergarry
Has a magic machine;
An ice climber’s dream
A machine that eats blunt bits
And nips at the old tips
Till the fangs of that screw
Gleam sharper than new
So sharp that the ice
Will flinch at the sight
Of your freshly cut screws
whatever the type:
Whether you grovel with Grivel
Or beast with Black Diamond
Perhaps you panic with Petzl
Or simply stay cool
If you climb with Blue Ice.


How to Order:

Package up the screws you want to be sharpened and send them to:

Ryan Balharry
By Beauly
Inverness - Shire 


 and send me an email to letting me know the quality and models. Include payment for the screws, return postage cost of £5, and your return address. 

I will do a sharpening session every 2 weeks, if you would like them for a specific date or have any other questions please call me:


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